Thursday, February 17, 2011


I’m not sure if previous readers of this blog still visit my site and is wondering if they are just lurking or have totally forgotten about me, can’t blame them though because I have been remiss in updating and posting photos. I think I have posted from time to time that I have been busy with real life (I guess every blogger have their own real life aside from their online life, right?) and truth of the matter is, aside from being busy for various reasons, there came a time that I have lost interest in taking pictures. As if all the energy and enthusiasm I have for photography has left me to the point that there were weeks that I have not used or hold my camera which is very unusual for me. Aside from not having the time and the leisure to traverse and walk the streets of Manila, which I really miss doing, is that I have been trying to explore the beauty of the Philippines and been in constant travel, fun but exhausting.

So, I have been blogging on and off last year for various reasons, sliding from posting everyday then back to nothing at all for months. And I know I kept on saying I’ll be back but can you forgive me for being a lazy cat sometimes? Okay, I’ll admit, one of the big factors why I lost interest in blogging was because of facebook! Yes, I guess most bloggers have been ‘stolen’ by facebook and its addicting games. Yup! The games such as Farmville, yoville, café ville and other ville you can think of I’ve played them and I was even hooked on playing poker at Texas Hold ‘Em till the wee hours. Aside from that I didn’t get contented playing online, I have friends who are playing poker in real life and joined them and its really addictive and fun, though no big money is lost here except time, but they say time spent enjoying is not really wasted time. So I have addicted quite like that for a time and I’m glad im done spending my free time and should be sleeping hours playing. I’d like to think that im back into blogging but I don’t want to promise again that I am really back until I keep on posting everyday.

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