Tuesday, October 12, 2010

galleon andalucia

Galleon Andalucia is a replica of a 17th century Spanish galleon which plied the Manila-Acapulco route centuries ago. The name of the ship, Andalucia, refers to the land of the galleon's birth. Andalusia, located at the south of Central Madrid, with Barcelona in the northeast is region to 3 million inhabitants. It is here where they lay the keel and raised the masts of the galleon, between Punta Umbria and Huelva.

Galleon Andalucia arrived at Pier 13 on the South Harbor in Manila on October 6, and left on the 9th enroute to Cebu. Galleon Andalucia will dock at Cebu waters on October 13. The arrival of the galleon Andalucia was the highlight of the 1st Día Del Galeón Festival being hosted by the Philippines under UNESCO which declared October 8 as Galleon Day to commemorate the beginnings of world trade and cross-cultural exchange.

Built by the Nao Victoria Foundation of Spain under the design of Seville Ignacio Fernandez Vial, a historic shipbuilder; the galleon Andalucia is 51 meters long, comprising of 6 decks with a usable floor area of 320 square meters, 3 masts with seven sails, and about 40 feet in height.

The ship's body is made of iroko wood, oak and pine fiberglass and polyester resin, cast iron, wrought iron and galvanized iron nails. Two engines of 350hp each assist the galleon during port arrivals and departures, as well as during bad weathers and wind mis-directions. 170 tons of concrete and iron served as the ship's ballast and stabilizers in the bottom deck.

Source: Aboard the Galleon Andalucia

UPDATE: Galleon Andalucia will be open to the public at Cebu City's Pier 1 from October 14-18, 2010. The visits will be coordinated by the Provincial Government of Cebu. It will be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 to 7 p.m. For more information, e-mail bessfrancia@yahoo.com


bertN said...

Great pics of the galleon. Did you get a chance to board the ship?

witsandnuts said...

Great photos. I regret that I miss things like this in Manila.

pusa said...

@bertN - thanks! unfortunately i wasnt able to hop on the ship due to large volume of people wanting to see the historic galleon replica.

@wistandnuts - thanks.. hopefully this is the first of this tradition and will be repeated every year.

Mia said...

I envy you! I wanted to see this but I was too late already. Thanks for the photos! It's massive! I like your blog! I am just starting mine, funny my blog is pusakaldiaries naman.. both cats, hehe!

pusa said...

hi mia thank you for liking my blog :)

you're welcome, hopefully they'll visit again next year and you'll have your chance and also hoping that next time around i'll get inside :)

btw visited your blog and its cool, yeah cats rule =)

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