Tuesday, September 21, 2010

manila scramble

Yes! its so yummy and i am sooo glad that scramble is back! when i was a kid, i really enjoyed buying this sweet street food after classes or just for snack, i know not so healthy but this scramble is a must snack for us then :)

to those who doesn't know, scramble is pink in color (which i think made it more yummylicious to kids eyes hehehe). scramble is sweetened shaved ice served in a paper or plastic cup, a scoop of powdered milk and a drizzle of chocolate syrup, and eaten with a wooden popsicle stick.

and yes they are back in the streets of manila, well technically not a street food anymore because found this being sold at the mall, specifically at robinson's place malate... and i guess i'm not the only one who missed scramble because this little stall has always a long line but definitely worth having a taste of scramble again :)

before you can buy it at 3pesos or 5 pesos, this one called manila scramble is being sold at Php 7(small), Php 10 (medium) and Php 17 (large) and you can have additional toppings for 4 pesos. i had mine without extra toppings - just plain old school scramble taste and yes they taste like the way it used to be :)

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Len said...

Pusa, miss ko na ang scramble! It's improved a lot huh! Thanks for sharing this photo...another good one that makes me feel like coming home once again! :)

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