Thursday, October 21, 2010

book swap

may you be a book lover or not but have some spare books (specially children books) that is just lying around in your house you are invited to a book swap to benefit the abandoned girls of Maritxell, Marikina.

When:    October 23, 2010, Saturday from 10 AM-6 PM
Where:   The Balcony, 110 Dona Angela Building, Carlos Palanca St., Makati City
How to Join:

  1. In order to enter you need to bring one (1) educational or children's book plus your unwanted books
  2. The educational books go directly to the abandoned girls of Meritxell, Marikina
  3. You may choose from the books other people brought and can bring home the same number of books as the amount of unwanted books you brought.

Meritxell, Marikina has been housing marginalized and abandoned girls ages 3 -16 years old since 2007. Those who are old enough to study are sent to private schools for education. Ateneo has recently listed them as one of their NSTP areas. In order for them to further improve their studies, they need more educational books. The event hopes to collect 200 educational books to benefit three more orphanages.

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pusakaldiaries said...

do they accept text books? or it has to be like story books? I have a lot of text books kasi dito..

pusa said...

hi pusakal, im not sure with the text books but most probably they will accept since it is for the education of the girls...

will try and contact the foundation. btw their listed number is 4750414 and 9971479

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