Friday, September 03, 2010

boracay: willy's rock

Willy's rock is probably the most photographed rock in boracay, you would see this rock in almost all photos of those who visited boracay's white beach, simply put Willy's rock is Boracay’s most recognizable attraction.  Willy's Rock stands out like a dark dot on the immaculately white shoreline, becoming an island at high tide. A shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary stands atop the rock.


Hilda said...

Love your first shot! Looks like a perfect summer's day.

bertN said...

Your first shot of Willy's Rock is picture- perfect. Ang galing naman!

Edong said...

just visiting an old friend :)

Fokkio said...

This is the kind of place I dream of. If you live there you are very lucky.
Because I'm not living there I come back to your blog to see more of these beautiful pictures!
Greetings, Fokkio (The Netherlands)

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