Saturday, May 02, 2009

watch pacquiao vs. hatton live

tomorrow we can watch the much awaited fight between manny pacquiao vs. ricky hatton at MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas.  for those who cannot watch the the boxing match live, worry not because you can still watch pacquiao vs. hatton live via pay per view at movie cinemas for a price of course. if i remeber correctly, in the last three fights of pacquiao the theater owners allot two or more cinemas to show the fight live. and i think they are doing great in that business since they know that there are a lot of manny pacquiao fans who wants to view the fight live. as for me i just get the latest news from the web, still updated while wating for the delayed telecast in free tv hehehe.  by the way this photo of pacquiao vs. hatton was taken at shangrila mall.

so who do you think will win? my forecast? manny pacquiao wins

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Layrayski said...

yeah! Congrats Manny!

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