Sunday, May 03, 2009


just perfect! i am not saying that this photo is perfect, there are lots more beautiful sunset out there but a perfect photo for me looks surreal and painting like if you know what i mean... and besides manny pacquiao won, as expected - putting ricky hatton on the 2nd round! - dang that was sooo good, i expected him to win but not that too early round but still it was the perfect left uppercut and most wicked punch ever :)

and so typical of me, i have forgotten that this blog turned two years old last april 27, yehey happy anniversary to my blog :)


Hyde DP said...

I'm not a fan of boxing but the news about the Hatton fight is sad since he is a near neighbour of mine and has just opened a new Health & Fitness Gymnasium down the road from me.

bertN said...

Hyde, your neighbor just earned $8,000,000.00 and lot more is coming his way from pay TV for less than 6 minutes of work LOL.

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