Sunday, July 29, 2007

arch of the centuries

This one's for you Reyna Elena, cant find a gwapo to pose at the center though. :)

"Any visitor or new student who enters the España main pedestrians' gate is immediately drawn to the Arch of the Centuries, right in front, about fifteen meters away. Classical Greek and Roman in inspiration with its Doric fluted columns, but baroque in its wealth of curving and embossed details, it looks like one of those triumphal arches for victorious Athenian athletes or returning Roman generals that are seen in history books. The medallion arch is usually a memorial for all distinguished Thomasians. The inscription says, "Gateway to the history of the finest breed of Filipinos". On the lower facade of the pillar, a commemorative plaque honors Jose Rizal, national hero and UST alumnus, and another plaque, Manuel L. Quezon, President of the Philippine Commonwealth, also a UST graduate. On the sides of the rectangular top of the arch are panels depicting some milestones in the life of St. Thomas Aquinas. Above all these, sits the serene, regal image of this angelic doctor, scholastic philosopher and theologian, patron of the University and of all Catholic schools.

The side of the arch facing the campus was the main doorway to the university building before it was destroyed by World War II. The stones of that doorway, now rough-hewned and eroded, were transferred and reassembled piece by piece in its present site. The side with its Grecian design facing España Street is a reconstruction of the doorway as it originally looked."



reyna elena said...

WEEEEEEEEE!!! After some bloody breakup this one is soooo refreshing!!! hahaha! tenkyu! tenkyu! tenkyu!

You see, when I lived in Manila in 2005 for roughly 10 months, I was a regular at UST. I was with my brods and sis in the fraternity...err... ugh! sorority pala... we even assisted new students at that time with the enrollment giving out forms and advising them on the maze in craze enrollment at UST.

And I remember this place! Yan yang nilitrato mo! hehehe! kasi me gwapong lumapit saken WEEEE!!! right there! kaso mo wa akong bibit na kamera so i could take a pic and we were discussing how beautiful the architecture is and the fact that UST alone is one grand "institution" in itself kahilera nang Harvard. I know people will question me, and I dun keyr! Though it may sound like am a UST grad but am not.

Most of the UST people I met are one of the nicest people ever! An sosoweeettt nila and honestly, I would like to teach at UST kaya lang baka ibagsak ko lahat nang mga gwapo para they could be in my class forevahhhh!!! Da girls? pasado sila day one pa lang. Kaya makakaalis na sila. hehhehe

Many many thanks 'day!!!!

reyna elena said...

and you know what reminds me (sori ha? inangkin ko nang parang blog ko na to! hehehe)

to me, this is as grand as the champs elysses of paris, sana nga medyo nililinisan lang nang konti pero this is one prize UST has no idea na napakavaluable. di ba?

Anonymous said...

That is an impressive gate or structure.

Abraham Lincoln
Down Memory Lane

reyna elena said...

'arc d'triomphe pala! hahaha! i was soo excited kase eh!

pusa said...

you're very much welcome reyna, glad you appreciate it... kala ko talaga ur from USt when you requested this arch!

anyways true ka jan! ibang klase talaga ang history ng uste

Olivier said...

Superbe cette arche, on dirait qu'elle donne dans un tres beau jardin.

Superb this arch, one would say that it gives in a very beautiful garden.

travelphilippines said...

hehe dumaan ako jan last friday on my way to sss office. amazing talga gus2 ko nga bumaba eh.

~tanty~ said...

What a huge gate. Wonderful!

reyna elena said...

hehe! thanks again pusa! no, i just got a lot of UST friends kaya when I am home, andyan ako nagkalat sa UST grounds.

dito na me sa US grad, Temple Univ in Phila and George Wash Univ in Wasch DC.

Fendi said...

now i see more of Manila!
Thank to Reynz Elliana.


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