Sunday, November 14, 2010

Own a piece of Manny Pacquiao!

Congratulations Manny Pacquiao!!! You truly are the  best boxer in the whole world! Beating Antonio Margarito in a unanimous decision getting his 8th world title.

Be a champion like Manny Pacquiao! Project PEARLS is doing an Auction for a Cause. We are auctioning Pacquiao's autographed training boxing gloves benefiting the Ulingan Kids' Outreach Project. Bid now and be a champion of the children at Ulingan. Bid at - Item # 130454794993!

Andrew wrote: My armoire smells like the Pambansang Kamao—the Philippine "National Fist"—and I wants to know how much that's worth. Seriously. I have a pair of Manny Pacquiao's boxing gloves, both of which he signed after training in them—*vigorously*. They emanate without end, these gloves; my underwear, socks, T-shirts and jeans all carry the Champ's glorious musk. Manny gave these gloves to the photographer, Mark Seliger, who shot the portrait that ran with my GQ story earlier this year. Seliger, who brooks no musk, champion or non-, turned them over to the mag, which sent them along to me (as if my underwear didn't already carry a Champion's Eau). I can't do anything with these gloves, ethically or athletically so, as with all my shoes and all my glasses, I just...have them. But now I'm giving them to a charity that helps impoverished children in the Philippines; they'll auction them off.

Andrew Corsello wrote a very beautiful story about Manny Pacquiao for GQ magazine, dubbing the "pambansang kamao" "The Biggest Little Man in the World"

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