Tuesday, June 23, 2009


who doesnt know how to send a text or SMS these days? even 5 year old kids know how to text, specially here in the Philippines where texting has become a new form of communication (did you know that philippines is dubbed as the texting capital of the world? LOL) that is how addicted people are into texting that even you leave in the same house, you even text your brother who is in a different room to ask something... so what happened to good old way of communication? texting is helpful in many ways but i think sometime s the use of sms or text has hindered soem in ways of communicating with each other. other problems with texting is that people, especially kids are getting poor in spelling.

well, anyways, as shown in the photo, the old man preferred using his cellphone and text someone instead of calling or using the phone booth beside him. could be one of the reason is that Prepaid Phone Card is cheaper and the cost of texting is only 1 peso, but if you think about it, you can use Phone Cards in calling someone specially the message you need to seen is urgent or important. and it is also a good thing that Calling Cards are now cheap and international rates has dramatically decreased, so calling or texting someone abroad is also affordable now a days.

so what do you prefer? calling or texting?

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reyna elena said...

was he texting the other person on the line to call him on THAT phone that i am looking at? HAHAHA

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