Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day

about two sundays ago, i did a half day tour of manila with diwa of
one of the places i showed her is Rizal Park or the Luneta, we passed by the rizal park chess plaza and saw this old man competing with a kid and both players looked serious...
by the looks of it, the kid was winning :)  overheard the proud father of the kid that the little girl (i think he said she's about 11 years old) compete for her school, and her father brings her at the chess plaza to find worthy opponents for her which serves as good training for her, and that they travelled far just to go to the place and wake up early.  what father's will do for the love of their kids huh.

happy father's day to my tatay, and to all the loving father's out there.

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Daily Chicago Photo said...

Your photo projects all the serious concentration that the subjects are feeling. Cool!

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