Friday, April 10, 2009

faith healer

Based on old Tagalog movies that i watched, it is told that the "powers" of faith healers are at its peak on Good Friday... according to wikipedia: "Faith healing is the attempt to use religious or spiritual means such as prayer, mental practices, spiritual insights, or other techniques to prevent illness, cure disease, or improve health. Faith healers say they can summon divine or supernatural intervention on behalf of the ill and say their practice may afford gradual relief or bring about sudden "miracle cures."
Took this photo of a faith healer in front of the Quiapo church this Good Friday, and the man uses the wooden stick (see first photo) to heal any back pain and there were people who tried and some said the pain is gone.  The second photo, he used his belt, which is a big rosary and uses the crucifix to heal the pain of the man who claimed feeling pain at his lower back.  

The faith healer proceeded on asking for anyone who feels pain and accommodated anyone who come forward and heal them by using the wooden stick, the crucifix, or just by his hand.  There was even a man who claimed that this faith healer cured him last year of his lump at the chest hence he went back this year to be touched and cure by the man.

So do you believe in faith healers?  

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Jacob said...

No! But I like your photos!

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