Wednesday, April 29, 2009

aliwan fiesta 2009 - part 5

still a series of aliwan fiesta parade series, this is the winning float from Laoag City, very beautiful and well crafted float.. .actually they also won 1st place last year
pamulinawen festival boys having a rest, its not easy to walk while dancing from the aliw theater to the quirino grandstand
the girls also look exhausted
but still cheerful no matter how tired, and i guess i've mentioned it before that filipinos love having their picture taken :) if there's a camera smiles are ready
the drummer boys having a longest pee contest LOL, i dunno if i will be mad at these boys for peeing at the manila bay, they all lined up and was a nice photo opps (at least i guess i am the only one who captured this scene hehehhe, and i must tell you there were tons of photographers at the place, all geared with their SLRs ... well anyways this is my lucky shot for you though still grainy) but still boys will be boys and i cant help but just shake my head while smiling...


Hilda said...

ARGH at the last photo! Didn't the organizers have portalets all over the place?

Love the other photos though! Thanks again!

Coriander Dreams said...

Hehehe.. Quite cute and funny at the same time..
You captured Manila again :)

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