Friday, September 30, 2011

HELP for Pedring

From Sidney's blog: Last September 27, 2011 a powerful typhoon (Pedring, international name - Nesat) has struck the Philippines. Witnesses said flooding in parts of Manila was the worst in decades. In the shanty village of Ulingan in Tondo (click here) which is facing the sea, most of the homes were destroyed leaving many families homeless. All those families are already living below the poverty line. Project Pearls and Photo Kalye are organizing relief operations. They need your help more than ever.


Mitch said...

My heart goes for those who suffered from the past typhoon, beating up families esp. in Bulacan and Pampanga...Another nightmare for all Filipinos..Hope we could surpass everything that we've lost... Let us all pray!


apple said...

We must be ready on this coming rainy season to prevent that tragedy not to happen again. Cause we don't how strong and how powerful those typhoon that will enter on Philippines responsibility.

Weather Philippines

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