Tuesday, January 12, 2010


caught these bubbles at fort santiago, didn't know that you can now rent a space inside the fort santiago for occasions such as birthdays and weddings... thouyght they only do that inside "the walls" or at the gardens in intramuros... it was a nice setup though and i've always liked bubbles :)

tweaked the photo in iPhoto by clciking on enhace twice and then boost the color once and got these blue sky, the original photo has a grey sky it was a downcast afternoon when i took this photo at about 4 in the afternoon... so even though i love posting raw pictures here, sometimes enhancements are good... hmmm gotta study also image processing in photoshop :)

how about you guys, do you like digitally enhancing your photos? or you prefer raw shots?


Anonymous said...

I always do some image cleanup or slight color adjustment in Photoshop. Usually it doesn't change the basic makeup or look of the image. Depending on what you are trying to achieve there are probably limits to what should be done. If it's a vacation shot of a landscape then saturating the image color till it looks like Disneyland probably would be pretty weird. If you do special effects to achieve a look like here and state it that never bothers me.

rudeboy said...

Oooh, pretty!

I like to manipulate reality in my Photoshop hobby projects, but for personal snaps, especially of architecture and vistas, I just enhance the Saturation and Contrast a wee bit.

Btw, I love your blog.

carlotta1924 said...

beautiful bubbles! :)

most of the time i use raw photos but i tweak them now and then on ms picture editor, mostly just for color. i have yet to practice, este download photoshop muna hehehe.

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