Sunday, September 27, 2009

help for ondoy victims

I appeal for your help for our kababayans who were victims of the flood brought by the storm Ondoy (international name: ketsana).

As of this writing there are about 70 people dead and hundreds are still missing... people still needing rescue. please help in any way you can, and let us pray for those who are still in their rooftops and is in need of rescue. :(

There are countless of videos showing the wrath of Ondoy and how pitiful and heartbreaking it is to see our people swept by the flood. here's one video that shows a really disturbing scene where a group of people were swept of the floods in the marikina river and the onlookers cant do anything to help them because the current was too strong.

Here is the latest map that shows where most urgent cases need rescue. if you are near the said areas please try to help or if you know anyone who needs help please do call or inform the following emergency hotlines:

National Disaster Coordinating Committee
911-1406 / 911-1873 / 911-1906 / 911-5061 / 912-0984 / 912-2665 / 912-3046 / 912-5296 / 912-5668

Help hotlines:
734-2118 / 734-2120

Bureau of Fire Protection, National Capital Region
729-5166 / 410-6254 / 413-8859 / 407-1230

Bureau of Fire Protection, Region III (Central Luzon)
Hotline (045) 9634376

Philippine Coast Guard

Red Cross
143 / 911-1876 / 527-0000

Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA)
136 / 896-6000

Taguig emergency hotline

16220 / 0917-5592824 / 0920-9292824

Sen. Manuel Villar Jr. emergency hotlines
for dumptrucks going to flooded areas for rescue of stranded people:
0917 4226800 / 0917 2414864 / 0927 6751981

Sen. Dick Gordon (Philippine National Red Cross)
Please send address of stranded friends/family to
09178997898 / 0938444BOYS

YOu can send in your donations in kind or in cash at the following links:

Barriosiete's bayanihan for ondoy victims Barrio Bayanihan

ABS-CBN Hotline: 4163641
Sagip Kapamilya: 4132667 / 4160387
If you want to be a volunteer or want to drop off your donation lease go to #13 Examineer St. Q.C.

Red Cross via PNRC website Hotline: 143 or 5270000

PS. all Ondoy photos posted here are not mine, got it from various FB account, if the photos uploaded are yours, please notify me so i can give proper credit...

PSS. keep on praying and helping


reyna elena said...

ateng! maraming salamat!

that fist picture is the floodway, rosario bridge along ortigas in sta lucia very near my condo which i was told was flooded up to the 1st floor!

arabesque said...

my prayers goes to all who are in need right now... feel so helpless seeing those people.

JM said...

I've seen this on the news! How awful!
Hope the missing people are somehow safe...

Hilda said...

I'm glad you came back to this blog especially for this. We've just given to both our own barangay's relief center (a nearby barangay was completely flooded) and to the Ateneo one for Marikina victims. Aside from canned goods and water, needed urgently are slippers, alcohol and wound dressing. Many flood victims have been walking around barefoot in muddy streets full of broken glass. If you have Twitter or Facebook accounts, please spread the word. Thanks.

Sidney said...

What a disaster!
The pictures tell it all!

dodong flores said...

The first photo in this entry showed exactly our place. If it was taken in on September 26, then I was there included with thousands who were stranded. The water was very deep there was no way for me to cross the flood so I could go to my pregnant wife who was left all alone in the house. I'd like to share with you my experience as well as my wife's experience with the storm. I hope you don't mind if I post it here (no link, promise)

backpacking philippines said...

1 month a a day has passed...
my car's still not running :(

i've learned how to be very positive thinking due to ondoy

GirL With GLasSes... said...

i love this blog so much =)

i am following!

bertN said...

Why no new posting? Did the flood washed you away? Just kidding. Merry Christmas!

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