Sunday, March 15, 2009

yesterday i posted about bottled kisses, here how those circles looked like before putting in the watter, they are too small, really like a sago, and tempting to eat 
note to coriander dreams, this "kisses" are different than the fragrant munggo sized kisses but i do remember those kisses :) will try to find them and see if they still sell that stuff :) 


Coriander Dreams said...

Thanks! Its been a very long time since I've seen those small 'kisses' I was referring to. As in, late 90's ... I dont remember where they were sold before, as I used to get them from classmates and keep those scented ones inside my pencil case in High School...

Nice colourful photo! :)

- Marie

deejayz said...

wifey goes gaga over this. look like the magic jelly sold in malls. now, problem is, i cant find a big glass bottle to put them all.

Mabel said...

looks like sweet candies to me. nice shot.

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