Saturday, May 03, 2008

world pyro olympics 2008

First night of the world pyro olympics 2008, this is the 3rd year of this spectacular event - a pyrotechnic display from different countries for the duration of twenty (20) minutes - and it is being held in the Philippines, at the Esplanade behind the Mall of Asia to be exact. There are less crowd today compared to last year, not sure if because it rained tonight or because the event was postponed for like the nth time.

Was late for tonights show, thought the pyrotechnic display will start at 9pm as it was last year but the show started earlier, 7:30pm for the first country and then the next display was at 9:00pm. Tonight's show was presented by China and Germany respectively, this particular photo is a part of Germany's show.

In case you missed tonight's show, dont despair, there's still more shows for the whole month of May, here's the schedule of the World Pyro Olympics 2008

World Pyro Olympics 2008 schedule

May 10,2008 - Canada and France

May 17, 2008 - Italy and Venezuela

May 24, 2008 - Fellowship of Fire - Collaboration of all countries with the Philippines /La Mancha Pyro Productions representing the Philippines - Pyromusical show exhibition

World Pyro Olympics 2008 tickets

for tickets and inquiries call 8173073 (loc 102), tickets is also available in all ticketnet outlets - call 9115555

ticket prices are as follows:

general admission - Php 150
special viewing area (no dinner) - Php 1000
special viewing area (with dinner) - Php 1500

and you can even enjoy the show for free, just look up in the sky within the vicinity of mall of asia, ccp and macapagal area :)


marley said...

I love fireworks! Your photos are excellent. I would definatley visit this show. If only I lived in your part of the world. I hope you share some more photos of the fireworks with us :)

Anonymous said...

You did a good job in photographing the fireworks. I am not sure what the World Pyro Olympics are but I am sure it would be nice to visit in your country.

babooshka said...

Not easy to capture fireworks, but these are superb.

Jake said...

beautiful shots! :)

Rambling Round said...

This would be a blast to watch!

Clueless in boston said...

Great shots. I would definitely love to see this event.

Cavite Daily Photos said...

wow! A kababayan! Hello! I was really stuned by your shots! Too bad i can't watch those fireworks displays. But because of your marvelous photos, It's like I was on location!

Please do visit my Blog sometime and I hope to be part of City Daily Photo List. I'm Steven Nga Pala of Cavite! proud to be pinoy^^

PS. Link kita sa site ko OK lang?^^

Photowalker said...

Nice shots. I missed this one because I was trying (and I mean really trying) to shoot the street dance competition in the Aliwan Fiesta. I should have just gone to shoot the fireworks instead.

Ely said...

Reminds me of my friend who loves watching firework displays. If she's here, for sure niyaya niya ako dyan. :)

Don said...


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